Introducing COMSAE on CATALYST

A whole new way for students to assess their skills and knowledge as they prepare for COMLEX-USA. Enhanced COMSAE content—new, dynamic delivery platform.

I like having a new question every day to start off. It’s like waking my brain up for studying.

About the CATALYST Platform

CATALYST is a formative assessment platform designed for durable and complex learning. Created for busy schedules, CATALYST’s convenience and flexibility offers short-question content at pre-determined intervals, providing users immediate feedback and related reference materials.

Features and Benefits


Questions available anywhere, anytime, using any device.


Fits busy schedules by providing questions at self-determined intervals.


Provides feedback in real-time for each question.

Enhanced Learning.

Answer rationales and associated references aid durable learning on complex subjects.

Modern Approach.

A unique alternative to traditional assessment learning platforms.

Integrating Traditional COMSAE with COMSAE on CATALYST

COMSAE on CATALYST may be used in tandem with traditional COMSAE.

For users looking to simulate an environment similar to COMLEX-USA, traditional COMSAE provides questions in the same style and in a timed format with a summary report at the end.

COMSAE on CATALYST focuses on content mastery with questions administered to users at pre-determined intervals. Question-level feedback is immediate and performance is monitored on the CATALYST dashboard.

# of Questions 75 200
Available for Purchase By COM Students Students or COMs
Questions Interval Self-Determined Single-Sitting
Scoring Correct / Incorrect Provided in Real Time Total Score Provided at Completion of Assessment
Answer Rationales YES No
Reference/Resource Material YES No
Performance Dashboard YES No
Cost $60 $60

How to Buy

COMSAE Phase 2 on CATALYST is available now to any COM student with an active NBOME account. Log in to your account to purchase.

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